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15 Good Writing Ideas For A Persuasive Essay On Flowers For Algernon

So your teacher has asked you to write a persuasive essay on a brilliant novel written by Daniel Keyes “Flowers for Algernon”. The main task of every persuasive essay is to take a certain position or make an affirmation about whether or not you believe in your claims, and final step is to convince your readers to agree with you.

If have no idea what to write about, just follow the next 15 tips about what to write in your persuasive essay.

  • Firstly, you can write whether you think Charlie should have had that intelligence operation or should he had refused and live a life of an ordinary janitor. Take one position and try to prove your opinion by using some examples from the book to sound more convincing. Secondly, you can write whether the behavior of Ms. Kinnian was right or wrong, or maybe she should had have some influence on Charlie and save him.
  • You can also answer the question, about whether the scientists should had been more humane and test their experimental operations more meticulously before performance on human beings.
  • Explore the question, whether it was a reasonable of Charlie to start his experiments to find out the cause of the flaw in the experiment of the scientists or maybe it was more reasonable not to resist.
  • Analyze the behavior of Charlie's co-workers and so called friends, and decide whether they have been one of the reasons of Charlie's depression.
  • Try to answer the question about the reasons of Charlie's sympathy towards the little laboratory mouse – Algernon. Was it because the similarity between their fates or there was another reason?
  • Write about your opinion towards the finale of the novel, was it a good idea of the author to finish it in the original, somehow positive way, or should Charlie had have finished like his mouse friend Algernon?
  • Research about the correctness of Nemur and Strauss, the scientists behavior, maybe they should have helped their “experimental animal” Charlie to succeed in his intelligence-enhancing surgery experiments, or their envy was one of the reasons of their inaction.
  • Think about, whether it would have been rational for Charlie to do the operation again, it this could have been possible. Could it be a successful experiment this time, or the reason of Charlie's death this time?
  • As Charlie develops his IQ level, he begins to see the real attitude of people around him. Decide, whether it was a useful experience for Gordon or not, and to what consequences it may lead.