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Cuban Politics

Cuban politics is among those existing oppressive regimes in the world. The political system in Cuba is such that it supports politicians, those in power positions and the elite. The rest of the citizens face oppression from the government. The constitution of Cuba recognizes a single party in the nation. Cuba is thus one of the one-party nations. The president of Cuba is Fidel Castro. The vice president is his brother Raul Castrol. This is a family ruled state. The system of administration in Cuba is authoritarian. Dictatorship is exercised in the execution of activities in the nation. Oppression of the people in the Nation is thus a major characteristic of the Cuban Politics. Human rights violation is also a major characteristic of the political regime in Cuba. Cuba, however, maintains close relations with Korea and China. Cuba is a socialist country or state under a single part. The situation of Political injustices in the nation Cuba is usually attacked by foreign states especially the United States.

Cuban Politics: Authoritarianism

Authoritarianism is a tool that leads to the oppression of the people of Cuba. Democracy exercising for the people is not allowed. The people of Cuba do not thus enjoy democracy. The system of government only favors the people in power and leave citizens to suffer. The Government is very intolerant to views of the people against the action of the government. This can even lead to execution. There are however many factors that encourage this type of governance to continue in Cube. One of the major these factors noted is the absence of Strong Civil Societies. There are thus no citizens to air the grievances of the people in a fearless manner and keep the Cuban Political regime on alert. The issues affecting the people need articulation and people need mobilization so they can resist the authoritarianism on them. Lack of literacy among the people is also another factor. Most people have no idea that their rights are violated. They also do not realize that it is upon them to resist and oppose ill-treatment to bring about real changes in Cuba.

Cuban Politics: Human Rights Violation

The intolerance of any opposing views to the acts of the government in Cuba leads to massive violation of human rights. Sometimes people are forced into exile. Others face unfair trials and are imprisoned finally. Other acts of human rights violation in Cuba include torture and murder.