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Bilingual Education Research Paper Help

Bilingual education essentially allows for students to learn in their native language and can also assist in helping the student pick up the language the lessons are based in. An example of this would be a Spanish-speaking student learning a course that is normally taught in English at that school.

If you are doing a paper on bilingual education, you’re working with a very broad subject that can touch on many topics. While your essay could be informative or argumentative in nature, the nature of subject would lean more towards being informative.

Here are a few topics to consider when writing your research paper on bilingual education. The terms “foreign” and “native” language are used in reference to what the primary language of the school might be so a school could have a native language of Spanish or Japanese and foreign language could be English and so on.


  • Benefits of a student using bilingual education.
  • What can students who speak the native language learn from students who speak a foreign language?
  • When are students put into native language classes?
  • What are the challenges faced by a student prior to bilingual education in a school?
  • What are some of the negativity or challenges that bilingual education faced by the public? This can mean through local governments, parental concerns, issues with funding—both receiving funding and not receiving funding—and so on.
  • Does bilingual education help with student integration into school culture?


After researching the topics, you should decide if you wish to focus on the wider scope of topics and do a research paper that encompasses everything or working on a paper that centers on one topic or a couple of related topics.

Focusing On All Topics

If you choose to focus your paper on all or the majority of topics concerning bilingual education, you might want to establish a draft or map of what subjects will be covered in what order. In the course of writing, you’ll want to make sure to touch on each topic, but dedicate an even amount of time to each.

Remember, don’t dwell to long on one topic and make the essay sluggish, but also don’t breeze through it.

Focusing On One or Related Topics

A grouping of related topics could be “Benefits of Bilingual Education” which would include integration into school culture, being able to complete core classes, etc. Focusing on this area will allow for you dedicate a good deal of time to all things related to that topic.