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Summary A Good Man Is Hard To Find

Sociological approaches have had assumptions as a result of researches done by social scientists, who considered social dynamics based on how parts of the social structure interrelated since they inclined more towards the functional relationships involving man in the social system as a whole. Although very influential, it is noted that there has been some change in the human attitude concerning the nation from a wider view.

Though being a bone of contention since it entails a much broader view, both on the traditional and modern society, and to the extent of not having a clear idea on what a good man’s actions ought to be. Behavioral characteristics such as self-esteem, honesty and integrity may also influence this understanding, whether inborn or genetic. Nonetheless, other factors of life tend to bring a dynamic shift on this, for example cultural understanding which may sound well towards one but adversely affects the other. Apart from that, many spheres of people in the modern world have several attributes that would be attached to a good man, merely structured on the basis of financial capacity, mutual, closeness and intimate relationship the persons are involved in. For example, couples may have views that contrast with those of the unmarried concerning a perceived issue about marriage life.

Although, everyone has a different thought concerning this, most people may agree that aspects of generic qualities like intelligence is more likely to add more to a man’s persona, others would conquer and support the innermost aspects of the heart more than the behavioral ones. For example, Christians would agree that a good man is found in church, on the other hand, some may not have a clear distinction between the good and bad qualities of a good man, either from a spiritual or material view, but are just driven by the outward appearance.

While concluding, Socrates believes that no one ever does wrong and that there is a motivator towards doing an evil act. While there are no further explanations regarding this, it is a fact that a majority of people have misplaced priorities that are never consistent with the societal structure. However, the overall picture has never been understood well, the biblical stories of the past clearly outline the genesis of man fall and how the current moral decay came into being, hence outlining a clear idea of how man deviated from being good.