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Arthur Miller

Arthur Miller was an accomplished playwright. He was born in 1915 and had an interest to write stage plays at an early age. He was famously known not only for his written works, but for being married to Marilyn Monroe. Their marriage was rocky but at times Miller seemed to make it work for his stage plays. When Miller was a young child his family lost everything they owned when the stock market crashed in 1929. From here, it seemed he had an interesting and colorful public life that many wonder what it really was like for him when he was not busy writing for the masses.

In college he wrote for the student newspaper and this is where he completed his first play. While in college he took courses that helped him develop into a playwright. He learned how to construct his content that would leave a special effect on audiences when acted out. He developed a passion for writing such content and ended up moving back home to begin his career as a playwright. His start was rocky in the beginning but later things got off the ground with his first play in 1940, “The Man Who Had All the Luck”.

He created another play that was successful on Broadway and earned a Tony Award; “All My Sons” was recognized for best author. Through this time he wrote and made other plays that continued to be successful while earning various awards and honors. In 1956 he married his first wife that was the famous actress Marilyn Monroe. In 1961 Monroe appeared in work Miller provided screenplay for even though they divorce around this time as well. A few months later Miller married a photographer from Austria and had two children.

During Miller’s later years his written works tackled various issues and concerns of modern society. One of his last plays in the late 1960s was centered on family dynamics titled “The Price.” Miller got married again after his wife died in 2002, his last wife was 34 years old at the time he planned to marry her but he passed away at age 89 in 2005 before they could exchange nuptials. The legacy Miller leaves behind is extraordinary and many people continue to enjoy his plays todays. Some argue about certain concepts he choose to use in his work, while others believe this is what made him unique as a playwright.