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How to do a case study paper?

There are a number of simple steps which, if followed correctly, will help you to create a case study paper. Now these steps show you both the procedure and the various tips required on presentation. They do not show you the content because this is what you must create. But there are even tips on writing the best possible case study. When you combine those with the procedure steps, you are well on the way to creating an excellent case study paper. Here we go.

Choose a topic wisely

It may be that your teacher or professor chooses the topic for you. In that case make the most of what you are given. But if you are allowed to nominate the topic yourself, think wisely. It is much better for you to choose a topic you really like or have some background knowledge of rather than pick any old topic. Take advantage of your interests. If you have studied someone or thing at high school, developing that person’s life or event and the contribution made to society could be a clever move. Build on what you know already.

Now for the procedure

Make a plan, a way in which you will operate. For example, how would you research the subject? Where will you get information to be used in your case study? Make sure you have more than one source for your information. Too many sources can be confusing. Only one source will not give you a full picture of the subject of your case study.

Know the rules about presentation. These are easy to find. For example if you are going to quote a source from a book or online article, there is a correct way to notate your quotation. Learn this correct way and always apply the rules.

Create the short version

Don't start to immediately write your case study. Make a shortened version of your finished work by listing all the important points. List the questions you will need to ask to elicit information. Re-work this shortened version. Only when you're really happy with the plan should you begin to write in more detail.

Do not rush the writing of your case study. Set yourself deadline dates. For example, when will you finish the first draft? When will you finish the final draft? Only by some serious planning and preparation can you complete a first-class case study paper.