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How to write a cover page for an essay in MLA format

If you are given the task to write an essay for a language arts class, then you will need to become familiar with the MLA formatting. MLA stands for the Modern Language Association, which is the regulating association for major papers about language arts. This organization is responsible for dictating the formatting styles for essays and research papers written about subjects relating to language and literature. The formatting styles are needed in nearly every paper that uses source material.

One of the first places that you will need to use MLA is on the cover page. This is by far, the easiest place to use the MLA formatting, because you simply fill in a template and your cover page is complete. Unfortunately, many students neglect the cover page steps and lose points because they design their own page. You can find the steps for an MLA cover page on nearly every university’s online writing labs as well as on the MLA website. If you are going to write several papers for language arts courses, it is wise to invest in an official MLA guide so you write every paper appropriately.

Your cover page will need to be on a separate sheet of paper. It cannot share a sheet of paper with the rest of the essay. If your instructor does not assign a cover sheet, you can still use one because they look like you care about the way your paper is perceived. A cover sheet looks professional and academic. If you take the initiative to properly create your own cover sheet, your instructor will be impressed.

These are the necessary ingredients for a cover page:

  • - Everything is centered and double-spaced.
  • - About one-inch from the top, type the name of your school. Be sure to use the entire school name.
  • - Below the name of your school, you move about one and a half inches down to write the title of your research paper. If you write a subtitle, that goes directly below the title.
  • - You then move to the bottom third of your title page. At this point you add your name. One the next line you add the name of the course and the number of the course. The third line of this grouping includes the name of the instructor. The fourth line is the due date of the paper.