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7 Original Essay Topics On “A Separate Peace”

A Separate Peace is the story of two best friends that have to endure the beginning of World War II at a New England boarding school.  Gene is an intelligent loner, while his best friend Phineas is a daredevil that get Gene in trouble.  This book is classic and figuring out what topic to write an essay on it can be hard but I will give you seven topics that you can use for this book essay.

7 Topics For A Separate Peace

  • How does the novel show the reader the roles of the leader and follower and does the novel favor one over the other?
  • How does John Knowles see people like Finny, can someone stay youthful and carefree or was Finny just being irresponsible?
  • Do you think the novel is supporting rebellious behavior or conformity and do either one of these have limits or consequences?
  • Do you think that Gene and Finny were really friends or do you think that either would have been better off without each other?
  • Since there is so much completion between the boys in the book, do you think that competition is healthy or unhealthy between the boys?
  • Although Finny seems to be the strong character in the book and Gene the weak, it is Finny who dies at the end.  You could write and essay on both boys strengths and weaknesses.  You can examine each character and argue who you think in the weaker character in the book.
  • The best way to come up with an original topic for an essay is to come up with one yourself.  You read the book and can see what kind of symbolism and other underlying themes there are in the book, so you can come up your own thesis for your essay.  This will make it original and you might be able to touch a topic that hasn’t been done before.

Like with any book essay that you are about to write, you have to examine so many aspects to the book.  You have to look for themes, symbolism, and sometimes hidden messages that the author put in the text.  This could be something to do with an issue that was going on during the time the book was written or just a moral of the story that doesn’t just come out and say it.  There is a list of different themes to this book, friendship, warfare, rules and order, jealousy, and fear just to name a few.  Finding the theme of the story will help you write a better essay and have a better understanding of the work that you are reading.