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Assault Weapons Should Be Outlawed

The latest elementary school massacre in Connecticut once again triggered a wave of public outrage. People demand assault weapons be banned to prevent this tragedy from repeating. Considering the fact that this horrid massacre is not the first of its kind, these calls for a lawful ban are well-grounded.

Military style weapons often encourage mentally unhinged people to imagine themselves as some sort of commandos. Holding a gun like this plays into their fantasies and allows them to take it to the next level. Even if their unstable minds see this situation as a game, the harm they do when armed is real.

The number of people with anger management issues has increased dramatically over the last few decades. The reasons that make people so prone to violent outbursts are important, and need to be addressed in order to reduce the stress on the individuals that are most susceptible to aggressive reactions. Banning them from using assault weapons will not solve the problems that cause these people to be violent. However, this will remove the most dangerous tool they can use to harm others. Considering the fact that it’s impossible to identify every person who should not be trusted with a gun, it is best to enact a ban that will be effective for everyone.

During the 20th and 21st centuries, various kinds of guns were banned in different parts of the world. The reason that caused the local government to resort to enact this law is usually the same – a massacre committed by a gunman. Another thing that is also similar in all of these cases is the fact that every time, the number of homicides and suicides committed with the use of assault weapons is drastically reduced after enacting the ban. The numbers usually climb back up once the ban is removed.

Many people oppose gun control policies. Their strongest arguments revolve around the fact that there is no specific definition of an “assault weapon”. They claim that banning the weapons used for hunting or sports shooting is impossible, as they are two perfectly legitimate pastimes. These arguments can be effectively dismissed if the legislative body that issues the ban works out a detailed list of characteristics for the weapons that should be banned. This list must ensure that no weapon dangerous enough to allow another massacre is easily available to anyone.

Assault weapons are too dangerous to be allowed for people to use freely. Many individuals today cannot be trusted with any kind of gun. Since it is impossible to control every person, the authorities should control the tools that can be used for murder.