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Considering Catchy King Lear Essay Topics

Story overview

The story of King Lear is written by the most influential writer in the history of English Literature. The story is about Lear, who is the King of Britain and decides to step down from his throne and evenly divide his kingdom amongst his 3 daughters. But before doing what he had planned, he decided to put them through a test.

He asks each daughter to tell him how much they love him. The two older sisters start buttering their father endlessly, tell him how special he is and how he means so much to them. The youngest daughter on the other hand isn’t as expressive as the elder two. As a matter of fact, she stays silent. Her explanation was that she could not find words to describe her love and affection for her father. This brings a bolt of rage in the father and he disowns his youngest daughter.

The king of France on the other hand expresses his willingness to marry the youngest daughter of the king of Britain despite of her not having any land. They get married without having the blessings of her father. It wasn’t so long that Lear realizes the mistake that he has made. His elder daughters end up betraying all the words of affection they presented prior to the distribution of land.

It later adds more characters and brings in more elements of trauma and stress. Where those who were greedy and those who were innocent both had some sort of price to pay. Below we have a list of essay topics which you can use to write your understanding of the play

  • - State the ways in which Lear contributed to his own Fall
  • - To what extent can you identify Lear as a tragic hero
  • - The play brings focus on questioning the divine justice. All those who are evil are dead, but even the good characters are as well. Does God ensure that the good people are rewarded and the wrongdoers are punished?
  • - Write an Essay to give a response to the question of whether divine justice can be seen in this play.
  • - Discuss how the play is about the corrupting as well as the destructive effects of power
  • - Is the play dominated by a contrast between wisdom and foolishness?
  • - Critically examine the change in the relationship of Lear with his youngest daughter