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Good Topics for Persuasive Speeches

So, your teacher’s assigned you a persuasive speech and told you to “do your best.” Well, we all know what’s really wanted – some inspiring, well-delivered, competent and relevant speech on an interesting topic. What if you don’t have time to find and research a good topic, though? Or worse – what if you just plain can’t think of anything to write about? Don’t panic. Below are listed five of the best topics to use when you’re faced with a persuasive speech.

  1. Gay marriage. Whether by county, state or country, gay marriage is a constantly debated topic. Do you agree, or do you disagree? Why? What’s fun about the topic is that you can approach it from different angles. Ethical? Religious? Legal? Just make sure to be sensitive when you compose your speech. You never know who you might offend when you write about a topic like gay marriage.
  2. Gun control. Violence, crime and other issues can all be connected to gun control. This is another extremely sensitive, hot topic that is ideal for a persuasive speech. You can easily defend a position on gun control using dozens of research sources and personal points.  Just be sure, once again, not to cross any lines or behave insensitively to other arguments.
  3. Censorship. This is another issue that has been part of society for centuries. Do governments or companies have the right to censor information? What information should be censored, and why? This even raises questions about freedom of speech that can really inspire an amazing delivery. For one of the most controversial, long-standing and intriguing speech topics of all, address a position on censorship.
  4. Educational issues. How should children be raised? What should be taught? When should it be taught? School and educational issues are ideal candidates for a speech topic. What hot issues are floating around your local community that need addressing? Are dropout rates high? Are test scores low? Find an educational issue to address and you’ll have ears peeked and listening from all walks of life.
  5. Death penalty. This has been a controversial issue for decades, and it will likely continue to be a debate hot-topic for many decades to come. Arguments for o against the death penalty gain immediate interest and can really rile up your audience. Not only is the content interesting, but it raises dozens of moral, philosophical, psychological and legal questions that can lead to an incredible speech. Don’t shy away from the topic just because it’s touchy – it’s a fantastic speech cornerstone.