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How to find credible abortion research articles?

When you’re writing an abortion essay you want to make sure you use plenty of facts to back your position. The trouble is finding the best research articles. You don’t want to cite references that are of questionable credibility, do you?

What to Avoid

Regardless of your personal position and beliefs you need to avoid religious sources when writing these essays. Any religious author or source is going to be clearly biased. They are less likely to provide solid evidence and more likely to rely on persuasion to present their position.

If you reference these sources it will prevent any serious reader from considering your position. If you’re willing to use sources that don’t provide actual proof for their argument, then you’re just as likely to do the same in your essay.

What to Use

Make sure you use resources provided from academic institutions. Anything that comes from a college of psychology or medicine is absolutely perfect. There are also socioeconomic resources that have performed extensive studies on the effects of abortion. Consider finding these for your paper.

Go to the library and ask your librarian to help you find these resources. They’ll help to ensure that an air of credibility permeates your entire paper, regardless of the position you adopt while writing the paper.

Knock the Reader Over the Head with This Trick

If you really want to throw your reader for a loop and make him or her consider your position then you should present all of the facts that support the opposing side of your case. Let them speak for themselves. Show, through your essay, just how weak those facts actually are.

Your goal should be to make those sources seem less credible. This will, in and of itself, help to put a solid foundation of credibility behind your own statements and sources.

Just be careful, though. You can easily lose any good will you have built through the process if you don’t choose your language carefully. Don’t directly state the folly in the opposing articles. If anything, show research that demonstrates something to the contrary of what is stated in those sources.

Even better is showing flaws in the methods used to perform those studies. This can be very difficult, especially if the author doesn’t share his or her research methods. If they don’t, that alone allows you to call the credibility of that source into doubt, helping to strengthen your own argument.