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Horrendous Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy is one of the costliest natural disasters of the century. The storm hit the Atlantic coast in October 2012. It was a category 3 hurricane when it made landfall along the eastern seaboard. It affected millions of people and caused massive destruction including downed trees and power lines, homes and businesses lost, and over 100 people lost their lives. Experts claim the storm caused over $60 billion in damage, making it the second costliest storm in the history of the United States, behind Hurricane Katrina at over $120 billion in damage.

Hurricane Sandy affected a number of land areas during the latter part of October in 2012. For several days areas including the Bahamas, east coast of the United States and Canada were in the storm’s path. The storm had winds as high as 115 miles per hour. This meant anything that was not tied down would be blown away in seconds. The waters of the Atlantic made high tides that surfers enjoyed briefly, but the tides would later cause huge crashes on beaches and those who lived close to the water. A large number of homes and businesses were completely washed away and turned into rumble.

The storm affected businesses and schools for days, weeks and months ahead. When the storm weakened it still caused problems as it turned into a low pressure system bringing torrential rains, snow, and ice to parts of New England and Canada. This caused widespread power outages and school closures. Streets were flooded and cars were barely recognized. Public transit in places came to a standstill as buses, subways and trains were not able to follow their original routes. The storm was so powerful that analysts ponder its connection to global warming.

People continue to speculate about what happen during the time period the storm hit. There was controversy about how strong the storm really was and whether people took proper precautions to prepare. Others felt the storm was not as serious as they thought until it passed. There were people fortunate enough to have a roof over their head, but just up the street there were people that lost everything. Everything you can think of occurred with the storm, from tornados to heavy winds and rain with cold temperatures and snow. Since then it has become an important learning less, but few wonder if we learned enough to prepare for the next horrendous storm.