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Health And Its Relative Importance

It is not uncommon for people from different walks of life to hold different ideas as most important. This reflects different perspectives and is natural. Unfortunately, one of the areas that should be uniformly held as important but is sometimes given the least attention is health. People who find themselves seriously or even chronically ill often wish they had focused more attention on maintaining the conditions of their bodies. This essay will discuss some of the other issues that are often given preference such as wealth, attractiveness and instant gratification.

Money or the love of it has been considered the root of all evil in certain cultures. This may not necessarily be so. Money itself is simply the way our societies decide who gets how much of what. The problem comes when people sacrifice their health and or well-being in the pursuit of financial gain. This can occur because of long hours at a sedentary job which lead to lack of sleep. Such actions may not show their results immediately but later in life they can result ill illness.

The desire to be attractive by the standards of the rest of the world also leads to unhealthy behaviors especially for women. Many feel compelled to engage in destructive habits such as voluntary starvation in the form of dieting or compressing of their bodies with corsets. Modern standards of male beauty also may lead men to consume unhealthy supplements to achieve muscle mass or develop eating disorders to become slender. There are also many beauty treatments that are known to contain cancer causing ingredients that many people cannot be convinced to stop using.

For some people, the thing that they sacrifice their physical health for is access to and regular use of illicit drugs. As long as these drugs remain illegal, people run the risk of being injured by the criminals who sell them. Even if they were legal, however, these drugs still have major side effects from permanent mental damage to collapsed veins, rotted teeth, non functioning organs and many others. The desire to attain a ‘high’ should never out weight the desire to maintain a functioning body for as long as possible.

The methods of maintaining a body in good health vary but in general they come down to proper diet and exercise, spending time outdoors and maintaining close relationships with people you love. This simple formula should be the chief concern of all health conscious people.