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Sociology Dissertation Topics to Stay Away From

In the world of dissertations, so many topics have been written by too many people, too many times. If you are working on a sociology dissertation, there are some that should be avoided because so many people have written about them. Many of the topics should also be avoided because they are not timely. When you are hunting for appropriate and interesting dissertation topics, there are many to avoid.

How do you know when a topic should be avoided? The first way to know to avoid a topic is to listen to your professor. If you notice that your professor says something like, “I do not want to read any more dissertations about….” then you should avoid those topic. It is also helpful to simply ask your professor, what topics are off limits. Many professors will be glad to tell their students what topics they have had enough of over the years.

Where do I find dissertation topics to avoid? If you happen to have one of those professors who does not like to suggest topics to avoid, you will have to find them yourself. The easiest way to find topics is to do a simple online search for topics. The ones that have been overused will be the ones that are in the lists of topics to choose. Many of the people who craft those lists look at what is most popular; usually, the topics that are the most popular have already had many authors. Many collegiate sociology departments with have FAQ sections on their websites; these sites might include information about dissertation topics to avoid. Another good option for choosing a good topic is to talk to the other professors in the department - especially if yours does not like to give topic advice.

How do I know if it is an overused topic? You might not be able to tell right away if the topic should be avoided, However, if you find this topic over and over again on websites for sociology writing, then it has most likely seen better days. Another sign is whether or not the topic has actually been discussed in class. If the website where you are finding topics tries to sell you something, like an ebook, you might want to avoid the topics that are listed. Look at the source and origin of the website to see if it is an honest sociology website dedicated to helping students craft topics for important papers.