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What is an Argumentative Essay?

Argumentative essay is a type of paper which requires students to research the topic, which means to gather and evaluate findings and establish a clear opinion on the matter. But one should not confuse argumentative essay with expository essay. Although these two genres are alike, argumentative essay differs with its considerable amount of research, while expository essays are shorter and don’t require as much pre-writing. Argumentative essay usually calls for deep analysis of literature, articles and materials published earlier. Often times, argumentative essay also requires the student to conduct empirical research and collect information and data through experiments, surveys, interviews and observations. It helps the student to understand the topic better. And after studying all gathered material, the student can come up with a position which to support based on all the facts and evidence collected during research. But regardless of the research type used for the essay, it should have a clear thesis followed by meaningful and strong reasoning. In order for a reader to fully grasp the idea of the essay, argumentative essay needs to be coherent and well structured. The following structure can help arrange information and keep the essay focused on the topic.

Firstly, argumentative essay has to have a short but clear thesis statement. The first paragraph should have a general review of the topic followed by a reason why it is important to readers and why audience should care about the matter at all. And of course, the author must state the thesis statement. One should note that it is extremely important that thesis statement is narrowed to follow the guidelines set by the assignment.

Secondly, each body paragraph should be focused on one general idea to avoid confusion. Paragraphs should have evidential support along with explanations of how and why provided evidence support the thesis stated in the first paragraph. However, one should remember that a well-structured and successful argumentative essay will also take into consideration other points of view that don’t support thesis. But the author’s job is not to just state that other positions are completely wrong, but rather explain why they don’t support the thesis and provide appropriate evidence.

And lastly, the essay must have a strong conclusion, which readdressed the thesis based on the evidence provided in body paragraphs. Review the main thesis along with main points and reasons why it is important. The author should avoid introducing new information, but summarize what was written in the body of the essay. Conclusion is part of the essay that will have the most impact on minds of readers, so the writer must focus on making logical and effective.