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Prompts for creating a personalized research paper

Strong prompts are excellent tools and guides for students looking to write a personalized research paper. Strong prompts should not give the student only one option for writing a paper but allows them to explore and research and expand upon an idea. Strong prompts should be appropriate for the age and academic level of the students. They should allow the students to write about something that is topical and will contribute to the field of study. Products will usually suggest an idea and ask a student to support or deny the claim or explain a topic.

Prompts for a research paper

Depending on the subject of study, a prompt should make a student think about the topic and lead them into researching the topic. In order for each topic to be unique a prompt should not be too specific. The problem should allow the student to explore and expand upon an idea I come up with their own results and conclusions from the prompt.

For example: “some experts say violence in the media is responsible for higher crime rates and violent behavior in youth”. This prompt allows the student to expand upon the idea, choose a side of the argument and specify which form of media they wish to focus on. This allows for the paper to be unique and for each student to contribute something useful and can also lead into discussion. This topic is also relevant to the audience, appropriate for the age level of the student and relevant to their interests. This would be a proper prompt for a sociology paper. This prompt also allows a student to focus on their priorities and what they find important and express how they feel about the topic.

In Conclusion

Products for personalized research papers are important tools and guides for young students who may need help with finding the topic of a paper. Prompts allow the students to think about an important issue that may affect them, discuss it an express their views on the topic. A proper prompt should not be too specific and should allow a student to explore an idea and take a side of an argument and find enough research to back up their writing. Prompts should always allow a student to explore and be unique and focus on their priorities so that the paper can be something interesting and thoroughly researched.