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Writing A Compare And Contrast Essay On Romeo And Juliet

Romeo and Juliet is one piece of literature that you are unlikely to avoid in your academic life. An essay on comparison and contrast is also common at all grades. As such, you should always be prepared to produce the best paper. Follow these tips by experts and you will be impressed by the results.

  • Read the Book
  • It is impossible to write on Romeo and Juliet unless you have read the play. Reading the original book is even more interesting. There are simplified versions, plays, animations and movies on the script. Ensure that you understand all the details of the play before embarking on writing. Know the characters, the plot and scenes since they provide the primary materials you will use in this task.

  • Find a Sample
  • A sample of compare and contrast essay will enable you to draft your own. It gives you an idea of the introduction and how to present your points. Since not all samples available are reliable, you are advised to get them from reliable sources. Such sources include your teacher, the library, from peers and your seniors. Customized samples are also available as long as you provide the right instructions to online writing agencies.

  • Understand Instructions
  • Your teacher issues instructions on the assignment regarding the issues to compare and contrast the length of your paper, formatting style, submission deadline, etc. Ensure that these instructions are clear in your head before embarking on the paper. Regarding the formatting style, use a single style consistently throughout the paper. This will help you avoid confusion emanating from mixed signals as well as allow the reader to concentrate on the content.

  • Find a Good Title
  • A lot has been written on Romeo and Juliet. Your essay will only stand out if you find a unique edge to compare and contrast. Choose a topic that is captivating to read. Avoid the obvious comparisons that have been repeated time and again. Be specific and find an area that is clear to compare and contrast.

  • Plan Your Work
  • With all the materials and instructions at hand, plan your work. Create an outline that shows the order in which your points will appear. Ensure that you begin and end strongly in order to create a lasting impression in the mind of your reader. Have ample time to edit the work before submission with the aim of getting rid of typographical and grammatical errors that reduce the quality of your work.