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Crafting A Narrative Essay: 10 Fresh Topics And Ideas

A narrative essay is the one which you write in first person. It means that the writer will be explaining some of his personal experiences and other related things in his life. This can be very interesting and the writers have the full scope to stretch their writing in bringing in all sorts of ideas. The main issue remains with the basic structure requirements, writing tone and several other things which go with the paper. You must develop your writing skills by referring to sample papers by getting all the right ideas about the requirements of such paper. The students must pay great attention to the selection of their topic as it will ease the tension and the stress for writing any academic paper. The students must analyze themselves first and find out that what are their limitations and strengths. Then, the topic should be selected on the basis of their comfort zone.

Tips for selecting a topic:

There are a number of aspects related to topic selection which you must keep in your mind. The following are some useful tips which will give you some idea for selecting a right topic:

  • - The topic shouldn’t be too generic if you are looking to impress your teacher.
  • - It shouldn’t be something about which you don’t have any information beforehand.
  • - The topic must interest you as then only you will come with a superb piece of writing.
  • - Take approval of your teacher or from an expert who can give you the right suggestion.
  • - You must collect and note down enough points that can stretch to a full fledge essay before you finalize a particular topic.

Top topics to consider:

The following are the top 10 topics for narrative essay which you can consider to write on:

  1. How was your experience on your first day at school?
  2. How your date got ruined on Valentine’s Day?
  3. What lessons you have learned from your last relationship?
  4. Your experience of going to a live Rock concert?
  5. How was the experience of watching Titanic movie in cinema?
  6. What was your motivational moment that changed your life?
  7. Tell about your journey from failure to success in academics
  8. How was your experience on your last day at job?
  9. What will be your feeling if you migrate from your native country?
  10. Your experience of witnessing a street brawl.