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Buying term papers online is cheating

This is a tricky question and finding a short and simple answer is not as easy as you first think. First of all let's be sure that we understand the topic of the article. In short there are two types of term paper which can be bought online.

  • [a] the mass-marketed model and
  • [b] the custom-built model

You pay much more for the custom-built model. It supposedly has been written to order. The student names the topic, the number of words and whatever other details are required. On the other hand, the mass-marketed model is one that is sold many times over to different clients. Not a bad deal if you can get away with it. But is any of this cheating?

What exactly do we mean by cheating?

Let's take the case of a senior high school student or someone in college who is having trouble with a particular essay. They may ask an older sibling, a parent or another student at the educational institution for help. They may seek guidance on what they have already written. They may ask to see an essay written by another student, one which received a high-grade. They may do all of this to get some ideas, to better understand the topic and write a decent essay. Is that cheating?

Let's assume that a student goes online and buys a term paper whether it's the mass-marketed model or a custom built one. The question then arises is what do they do with it? If they simply put their name on the document and submit it entirely as their work then it seems pretty certain that they are cheating.

But what if they take their bought term paper and study it and gain ideas from it and the knowledge of the layout or structure of the term paper? And then from that they write the exam paper. Is that cheating?

You get what you pay for

Sadly many students pay good money for what they think is a custom built model term paper and assume, because they're paid such a high fee, that the quality of the finished work will be outstanding. Surveys show this is not always the case. Colleges and high schools are getting better at picking genuine essays written by the students themselves from those which have been bought online. Perhaps the safer and better result route is to write the darn thing yourself.