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Explain the Impact of the Asian Trade on the West

Trading in parts of Europe and Asia helped develop culture, religion and art in these regions. These elements helped shape civilization that dates back to centuries. During this time a number of trades and exchanges were made that created working relationships among the people. Later, trade routes were established to define and serve certain materials and goods. Exchanging goods at one point was a way to help cure supplies that were running short in different areas. Many supplies and goods were transported for miles and great distances by ship or by using animals.

Goods such as spices and clothing material were sent to faraway lands throughout the area. When such actions took place around one century A.D. a large number of merchants came along to help sell and produce goods. At this time they were seen as marketplace on an international level. Few ancient empires found multiple uses for the goods with some routes under control by the Arabs. The trade routes ran across several cities that became rich in related resources. A few areas brought cultural and artistic opportunities for people. There were centers created that encouraged multiple ethnic backgrounds to come together and share and mingle.

Overtime such routes became significant. Various locations and merchants were not only rich in sources like silk and spices, but they saw great increase in people and purchases. To ensure trading and exchanging along these routes was fair, more regulations and policies were developed. The area began to flourish with social customs and faith-based religious beliefs. Raw materials and other goods were used for multiple purposes with many items being purchased by travelers and people moving to other locations. A few merchants would move from time to time or expand when seeking other ways to conduct their business.

The ancient world relied on such routes to communicate with people. Along the way new concepts were developed including language and inventions that play an important role in modern civilization. Many people had to do a considerable amount of moving to get raw materials and goods sold in order for their business to flourish. During current times you can see some of these stories played out through sculptures and art pieces seen throughout parts of the Middle East, Northern India, France and parts of Pakistan. The Romans influenced and made popular some of the earlier pieces of sculptural work.