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20 Outstanding Essay Topic Examples For College Students

If you are a college student and you want to write an outstanding college essay, there are many topics that you can choose. In college you will be asked to write many topics of essays so of course this list of 20 topics below is meant as a broad and general list, and the actual topics you cover during the course of your career may vary based on your assignment. It is also important to note that these topics should act as a guide and help you to pick something about which you are passionate and are interested.

  1. You can write an essay about your favorite character from a book
  2. You can write about how people select a mate
  3. You can cover how obedience training works for dogs
  4. You can review different successful people who never had formal education
  5. You can analyze homeschooling efforts in different states
  6. You can craft an essay about child discipline and whether it is effective
  7. You can wrote about animal characteristics that can be seen in the human characters in a book or show
  8. You can write about the effects that social media sites have on student
  9. communication and social interactions
  10. You can write about religion in schools
  11. You can cover discrimination in schools or in the workplace
  12. You can write about genetic engineering practices around the world and who has made the most advances
  13. You can write about whether students should still be required to take a physical education class in school
  14. You can write about whether freshmen students in college should be required to purchase a healthy meal plan from their school to help prevent things such as the Freshman 15
  15. You can craft a paper about the benefits of taking one year off in between high school and college and whether such practice should be implemented in America
  16. You can craft a paper that focuses on why people become dependent upon technology and what measures can be taken to stop that.
  17. You can review the punishments for a first offense drunk driving charge and whether they are effective.
  18. You can write about how dieting programs make people gain weight
  19. You can review why cigarette sales should be made illegal
  20. You can write about the benefits of team sports
  21. You can write about free speech