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How to create a good term paper draft

When writing a term paper, you will go through several revisions before the final draft. The first draft is the first, fully completed paper, but has it’s issues and errors.

Before you even begin to write your first draft of the term paper, make sure you know your topic well. Research several different articles, and other papers written on the subject, and take some notes on what they all have in common. Make sure to note the unique points that they all provide, and be sure to use them to support your thesis.

Your research and thesis should come together to form the outline of your paper. This is the roughest version of your paper; very empty and missing a lot of information. Even so, the outline is important and it is highly recommended that you complete one.

When you get to the point of actually writing the first draft of your term paper, make sure to state your thesis point in the first paragraph. While writing the first paragraph, you should outline the paper and be able to give the reader a chance to come to their own conclusion about your topic. The paragraph should state your intentions, and begin to defend the thesis while outlining the whole paper in a few sentences.

The paper should be using your sources pulling different pieces of information from your notes, the whole paper is defending what you claimed in your thesis about your topic. The paper shouldn’t flip back and forth between two outlooks on your thesis as well; stick to your claim.

If you have issues while writing, the outline that you made before you started will provide you with the tools you need to get you back on track. It is there for you to fall back on; the outline is specifically there to give you an idea about every part of the paper, and if you have issues finding other points to support your thesis, then you should consult the outline and your notes that you took.

The whole paper will slowly come together if you keep these things in mind, following the few simple steps to ensure that the thesis is supported and your point is proven. Your first draft will need revised a few times, and there will be mistakes in it, but it is the first incantation of your full paper and gives you a base to edit from.