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Hinduism is one of the known religions of the world. It is a religion for most people living in Nepal and India. It has also existed among other huge populations that live outside the two main areas and is believed to have more than nine hundred million followers internationally. Hinduism has established itself as the only religion without any founder, no scripture and has in particular teachings set to describe it as is the case with other faiths.

Hinduism and its origins

In certain ways, Hinduism is arguably the oldest religion to have existed in the world today. Maybe, the elements found within it can be traced back for over many years in history. All the same, Hinduism resists informal definition partially due to the many arrays of beliefs and practices that exists in it. It is also linked closely historically and conceptually with some Indian religions such as Sikhism, Buddhism and Jainism.

All through the history, there have been a lot of important figures teaching various philosophies along with many people writing a lot of holy books. For some of these reasons and others, writers in some cases refer to the religion of Hinduism as a lifestyle or a combination of religions instead of just one religion.

Hindu Basics

The word Hinduism stems out from “Hindu” which was gotten from the northwest river complex known as Sindhu. This is “Sindhu” is a Sanskrit word that was used by the area inhabitants known as the Aryans back during the 2nd millennium BCE. Later on, invaders and migrants especially the Persians during the 6th century BCE and Greeks who came during the 4th century and Muslims later on used the river’s name in their different languages for the people and their land.

Well, religion has a very important factor to play in our lives and Hinduism has certain beliefs that have continued to determine the attitudes and thoughts of the adept supporters. This is especially on issues related to life which in the end define the actions we take in life and in other areas. Through the actions of believers, the destiny of the people is defined. Just like in any other religion, these beliefs concerning sacred issues relating to soul, God and cosmos are very important in the way Hindus approach life. A common belief among the Hindus is that, life can be defined through various things. Therefore, they have beliefs in quite a number of things. However, there are some few fundamental ideas upon which many of the followers of Hindus draw their inspiration from.